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Welcome to the Gastonia Conference Center

Gastonia Conference Center is a symbol; a sign of the people of Gastonia, North Carolina on the move toward civic, economic, and environmental sustainability. Designed to pay homage to the surrounding architecture and heritage of the area, Gastonia Conference Center is the premier destination for local, regional, and state-wide conferences and events, from metro-Charlotte based corporate meetings, to state-wide conventions, to local and community events, to memorable weddings.

This cutting-edge, 30,000-square-foot technologically advanced and sustainably built conference center is designed to generate business and support the local Gastonia community. The Conference Center accommodates over 450 meeting attendees and 300 for a seated banquet function and features ten separate, purpose-built and distraction-free meeting rooms, event spaces and 5,100 square-foot ballroom. It has already gained recognition as the greater Charlotte region's foremost destination for events of all kinds.

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Tips for choosing the perfect bridal hair accessory

After you have chosen your wedding dress and wedding shoes, you should invest time in selecting your accessories. The most important is your hair accessory which can create a huge impact on your look. If you select the right hair accessory, then you would surely look like a princess. Here are some helpful tips for choosing the perfect bridal hair accessories.

1.      Try as many hair accessories as you can: When you are shopping for your hair accessories, you can try as many accessories as you can. Different accessories look different in hair. You can get a rough idea which accessory suits your hair. Although the process is time consuming, it will help you to choose the right hair accessory.

2.      Coordinate the hair accessory with your dress: You should definitely choose a hair accessory that goes along with your wedding dress. If you are wearing a vintage wedding dress, then a vintage tiara would go well with your dress.

3.      Choose headbands for a fashionable look: Headbands are extremely fashionable. They can be worn with the hair up or the hair down. Side headbands are trending these days and if you want a fashionable look, then you can choose a headband. If your wedding dress has pearl or crystal embellishments, then team it up with a pearl or a crystal headband.

4.      Choose hair combs if you want to wear a veil: If you want to wear a veil on your special day, then you can wear hair combs to support it. The veil could be kept on a simple hair comb. Hair combs are obtained in various shapes and sizes.

5.      Choose a tiara if you want to look like a princess: Tiaras look beautiful and can magically transform you into a princess. You can wear a floral or a silver or a golden tiara after matching it with your wedding dress.

6.      Choose beautiful hair pins if you are wearing prominent jewelry: Hair pins can be worn with a variety of hair styles such as chignon, plaits and buns. If you are wearing prominent jewelry on the day of your wedding, then you can complete your look by wearing beautiful hair pins at the back of your head.

7.      Hire a stylist: If you are confused and cannot understand which hair accessory will be perfect for you, then hire a hair stylist. Your stylist will be able to select a perfect hair style and hair accessory for you.


Types of wedding photography

There are different styles of wedding photography. You must know about these different styles and decide which style catches your fancy. Only when you are sure about your choice, you can hire the perfect wedding photographer.

Classic or traditional wedding photography

This is the most common type of wedding photography. In traditional wedding photography, a formal approach is taken by the photographer to capture the photographs. The photographs are generally formal. You should remember the following things if you choose classic wedding photography:

·         The photographer would constantly organize individuals into groups to take some traditional wedding photographs.

·         Traditional wedding photographs would be liked more by the older generation.

·         The traditional photographs can appear a little rigid and stiff.

·         However, some photographers can modernize the classic element in these photographs. A classic pose with the right filter can look different yet timeless.

Modern or contemporary wedding photography

This is the next style of wedding photography. Unlike classic wedding photography, a very informal approach is taken by the photographer in contemporary wedding photography. The photographer focuses on capturing the fun and awesome moments of the wedding. You should remember the following things when you are choosing contemporary wedding photography:

·         Your photographer will want some great background that can make the photographs look beautiful.

·         You and your friends can try some fun and cheesy poses in your wedding.

·         The best part of modern wedding photography is its uniqueness. You won’t get the same kind of photographs in another wedding.

Documentary style photography

In documentary style photography, the photographer would record the important events on the day of your wedding in a way that will look like he is making a documentary. In this kind of photography, you don’t need to pose or get organized into groups. This is the main reason why this style is gaining popularity immensely. You should remember few things about this kind of photography:

·         The bride and the groom can enjoy the day freely without the need to pose for photographs every few minutes.

·         This is basically a candid recording of your wedding. The unusual shots will surely make you go wow when you will see the photographs later.

Artistic wedding photography

Artistic wedding photography depends totally on the skill of the photographer. Before deciding to choose this style of photography, you must go through the portfolios of the photographer. If the style of the photographer enthralls you, then you are sure to get some stunning and cutting edge wedding photographs.

Once you decide which kind of photography appeals to you, hire the photographer according to your choice.   READMORE

Ideas for decorating the tables at your wedding reception

Decorating your wedding tables is an integral part of your wedding reception. Your guests will be sitting around the tables, and so they would closely scrutinize the décor of the wedding tables.  So, here are some ideas that will help you to enhance the décor of your wedding reception. You must focus on embellishing the tables and the region around and above them.

1.      Beautiful and colorful floating candles: If you want to have a beautiful candle-lit wedding reception, then you must choose colorful floating candles as your table centerpiece. The floating candles are available in a variety of vibrant colors such as red, royal blue, aqua blue, lilac and burgundy. The candles last for about six hours, which is perfect for your wedding reception.

2.      Floral paper lanterns: Floral paper lanterns look beautiful. They will enhance the décor of your wedding reception to a large extent. You can hang them from the ceiling above each table so that it grabs the attention of everyone. The floral paper lanterns are available in pretty colors such as pink and lilac.

3.      Gold Luminary bags: You can light up your wedding reception with the beautiful gold luminary bags. The bags look elegant and beautiful. They would act as the perfect table centerpiece.

4.      Lantern Tea light Holder: The lantern tea light holders look beautiful, quaint and romantic. They are beautiful and small decorative pieces that are ideal for your wedding reception. The lanterns are generally crafted from glass and black metal. They would beautifully illuminate your wedding reception. You can place the lanterns on the tables and you can also hang some of the lanterns from a treetop.

5.      Dried Rose Petals: You won’t believe, but freeze dried rose petals can play a great role in enhancing the décor of your wedding reception. These rose petals are plucked when the rose is fresh and are then stored in a refrigerator. As a result, they look fresh. They are available in plenty of colors and can be used for embellishing the tables.

6.      Pom Poms made of tissue paper:  You can make your wedding reception brighter and more colorful by using Pom Poms. They are available in a wide range of colors and can be scattered on the tables. You can also hang them from the ceilings with the help of a satin ribbon. Pom Poms will beautifully enhance the décor of your wedding reception. They are also very cheap and affordable. READMORE

Some creative and wonderful wedding favors

You can flaunt your personality through your wedding favors. So, instead of going for the same and boring wedding favors, think of something creative. Instead of wasting your money on boring wedding favors such as key chains, you should think of something that your guests would really like. Here are some creative and wonderful wedding favors that you can incorporate into your wedding. Your guests would remember these wedding favors long after the day of your wedding.

1.      Personalized Chocolates: It is true that chocolates are one of the most common and traditional wedding favors. However, personalized chocolates are not the same as plain chocolates. So, you can definitely think of giving personalized chocolates to your guests to make it special. You can print some beautiful labels and wrap them around the chocolate bars or hire a company to make them for you.

2.      Flip-flop Candles: Floating flip-flop candles look beautiful and they act as perfect wedding favors that will be cherished by all your guests. Especially for a beach themed wedding, flip-flop candles are the perfect wedding favors. They look young, fresh and unusual, especially because they are available in so many different colors.

3.      Snow globes: If you are a fun-loving couple, then you can give a beautiful snow globe to your guests that would contain a romantic picture of the couple. Your guests would definitely like this unusual and beautiful wedding favor. They can also later change the picture and put in a picture of them instead.

4.      Good luck plants: You can give good luck plants to your guests such as four leaf clovers or five leaf clovers. You can further add a thank you note with the plant. Your guests would surely like this thoughtful wedding favor.

5.      Regional Wedding Favors: You can select a wedding favor that is related to your hometown. Every place has something unique that is not found anywhere else. This is a great idea if you have a lot of guests who are out of town. Regional wedding favors like maple syrup, jewelries or sweets would be cherished heartily by your guests.

6.      Personalized Ornaments: You can also give personalized ornaments to your guests. Personalized dangle ornaments or personalized photo ornaments look beautiful. You must mention the wedding date and the name of the couple on the ornaments. It would be cherished by your guests for a long time.


Beautiful Wedding Gowns

There are different types of beautiful wedding gowns available in the market. Each type of wedding gown has a particular style which can flatter your body. In this article, we will look at some of the most beautiful types of wedding gowns that are designed for the gorgeous bride.

1.      The Mermaid Wedding Dress: This wedding dress is also known as the trumpet wedding dress. This type of dress hugs the feminine curves tightly. Therefore, if you have a great figure and if you want to accentuate your curves on the day of your wedding, then the mermaid wedding dress is the ideal dress for you.

2.      The A-line Wedding Dress: This wedding dress is also known as the princess wedding dress. This type of dress suits everyone. If you are a little heavy and you want to conceal the bulge in your tummy, you can undoubtedly choose this dress to look your best on the day of your wedding.

3.      The Empire Wedding Dress: This is another type of wedding dress that can be worn by anyone. This dress flatters all kinds of body type. The high waistline of this wedding dress and the seam underneath the bust gives it a beautiful and royal look. You would look graceful in an empire wedding dress. The fabric below the high waistline falls elegantly on the floor. This dress looks good on both slim brides and heavy brides.

4.      The Sheath Wedding Dress: This wedding dress is also known as the column wedding dress. This dress runs vertically right from the shoulders to the floor. Since the sheath wedding dress hugs the body firmly, it looks good on those brides who have a great figure to flaunt. Slim brides look beautiful in a sheath wedding dress. Brides who are petite can wear this dress as it would make them look a little taller. However, brides who are a little heavy should avoid wearing the column wedding dress.

5.      The Ball Gown Wedding Dress: This wedding dress is also known as the Cinderella wedding dress. If you will wear this wedding dress, you will look like a princess straight out from a fairy tale. The dress which is accompanied with a fitted bodice spreads dramatically from the hips. The dress looks extremely glamorous and generally, brides who have a slender waist look beautiful in the ball gown wedding dress. This dress should be avoided by the petite brides.  READMORE
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