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Welcome to the Gastonia Conference Center

Gastonia Conference Center is a symbol; a sign of the people of Gastonia, North Carolina on the move toward civic, economic, and environmental sustainability. Designed to pay homage to the surrounding architecture and heritage of the area, Gastonia Conference Center is the premier destination for local, regional, and state-wide conferences and events, from metro-Charlotte based corporate meetings, to state-wide conventions, to local and community events, to memorable weddings.

This cutting-edge, 30,000-square-foot technologically advanced and sustainably built conference center is designed to generate business and support the local Gastonia community. The Conference Center accommodates over 450 meeting attendees and 300 for a seated banquet function and features ten separate, purpose-built and distraction-free meeting rooms, event spaces and 5,100 square-foot ballroom. It has already gained recognition as the greater Charlotte region's foremost destination for events of all kinds.

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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Cake

Selecting a venue from Gastonia wedding venues would be your best option for hosting your reception. You also need sparkling catering and a fabulous wedding cake to make the event memorable. Selecting a wedding cake can be a daunting task, but here are some tips that can make this task much easier.

Do not Rush at the Last Moment

Just like reserving the wedding venue, you need to plan for the wedding cake much in advance. Plan for the wedding cake at least three months in advance, as that will give you adequate time to choose a cake design and the right bakery.

Selecting a Reputed Bakery

While selecting a bakery you need to review real customer feedback of couples. You can find such reviews and other important information online. Visit several wedding sites and after you have shortlisted some reputed bakeries, visit their websites to find out what they have on offer.

Avoid bakeries that do not update their websites with their latest creations. Your next step would be to visit the bakery in person and check out their creations and the staff. If you find it difficult to get along with the bakery staff, you should walk out. When you have made your choice, make sure you get a photo or computer generated image of the cake, to avoid any nasty surprises later.

Taste the Cake

You must have a cake tasting session before ordering any cake. If you are opting for a cake with multiple flavors, you need to taste all the flavors. You cannot assume what the cake is going to taste like. Always taste so that you are sure about the end product. Even basic flavors such as vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate can vary based on the making and formulation of the cake.

Be Creative

Do not hold back your creativity, as modern bakers are able to create almost any design you can think of. You could go with any theme or hobby you like or you could create a beautiful scene. You do not have to stick to the tiered wedding cake in white.

Also, think about the color scheme of the cake. You could opt to march in step with the color scheme of bridesmaid dresses or of your wedding gown. Some brides like to match the color of the jewels they would be wearing on the wedding day. You have many options and designs to choose from and you should take your time to obtain the right design―the design that is the most remarkable and splendid to you.   READMORE

How to Save on Wedding Catering Costs

Hosting your wedding reception at one of the wedding venues in Gaston County NC will make your wedding quite memorable. You also need to provide a delicious spread for your guests, but catering can turn out to be very expensive if you are not careful. Here are a few points to keep in mind to reduce your wedding catering costs:

     First, you need to set a specific amount that you are willing to spend on catering. Afterwards, when you approach various prospective caterers, share this budget figure with them, and ask for the best they can do within that amount.
     Cocktail hour can be reduced to about forty minutes, which will save you money on the bar and hors d’oeuvres.
     Rather than having stations for hors d’oeuvres, serve them through waiters. This way you can control the speed of the servings and you can cut your order without running out.
     Opt for plated meal plan rather than a buffet. For a buffet, the caterer will have to prepare for more than the guest count, since the food supply should not run out if certain guests take larger portions. On the other hand, in plated meals, the portions are set and there is no preparation of extra food.
     Number of courses can be lessened and you could opt for salad and entrée and then serve the wedding cake as dessert.
     Planning your wedding around lunch or breakfast time can save you a lot on catering. The meals served during these times, usually consist of smaller portions, and you have to serve much lesser alcohol. Typically, you will make a big saving on the food as well as drinks.
     Chicken dishes are not only appealing to many people, but they also cost less compared to fish and beef dishes.
     Prime times for caterers are usually Saturday and Friday nights. If you can avoid these days for your wedding, you could obtain a suprior deal or discounted rates for the off times.
     Purchasing and supplying your own alcohol can save you a lot of money. Secondly, purchase the alcohol from a place that is willing to take back unopened bottles. However, make sure the caterer or the venue is not adding any charge for serving your own liquor.
     Make sure to send a RSVP card with your invitations so that you are able to get the guest count as accurately as possible. READMORE

How to Cut Expenses on Wedding Flowers

When you have chosen a grand place for your wedding from Gastonia wedding venues, you want to have excellent decorations and floral arrangements. If you do not think this is important, just go ask your fiancé, she will let you know the truth!

However, with rising costs, weddings have become more expensive, and you need to know various ways by which you can cut costs, and yet have a marvelous wedding. Here are a few tips to cut down floral expenses at your wedding.

Set Your Priorities

Most brides underestimate the cost of flowers and they are usually carried away in choosing grand flower arrangements. Therefore, you need to determine first, where flowers come in your list of priorities for the wedding. Generally, when you consider your overall budget, the cost of your flowers should not be more than 10% of the total costs. Remember, the more you spend on flowers, lesser money you will be able to allocate for your dress and for food and drinks for your guests.  

Use Seasonal Flowers

All types of flowers are available throughout the year, but when they are not in season or not grown locally, their prices will be quite high. Therefore, while selecting your favorite blooms, consider whether they are in season and grown in nearby areas.

Limit Variety

Sticking to one or two types of flowers can reduce overall floral costs. When you try to include all your favorites, the cost will quickly escalate. Secondly, you could use beautiful foliage and colored leaves to add texture to the displays, or you could have fewer flowers but place them in beautiful containers to enhance the display.

Avoiding February

If you are concerned about floral costs then you should definitely avoid the month of February for your wedding. Due to the Valentine’s Day, the cost of all flowers will be at yearly peak during this month.

Consider Non-Floral Items

You can make beautiful centerpieces without flowers as well. Consider using candles, decorative lanterns, and even veggies and fruits. Scaling down on flowers and replacing them with other items will cut your costs considerably.

Keeping it Simple

If you have chosen complicated or intricate floral arrangements, you will be charged more, as the florist has to spend more time making such designs. The typical shower or trailing bouquets cost more, as each flower has to be wired to get the particular design. Such things will obviously cost more. A better option would be simple bouquets that are hand tied, since they will look equally pretty, but be more cost effective. READMORE

Important Tips for Planning the Perfect Wedding

Your wedding is the most important day of your life, and you would not want anything to go wrong. If you have decided to take matters into your own hands and are planning your wedding, you should carefully think of all the aspects. Here are some important tips that will go a long way in helping you plan the perfect wedding.

Think about Your Guests First

The comfort and conveniences for your guests should be your primary focus. Even before you think about a venue, you need to decide how many people you are going to invite to your wedding. While considering an appropriate size for the venue, you need to allocate about 25 square feet per person. This is not much when you consider the space that will be occupied by tables, the dance floor, band, and the bustling waiters. Select a fantastic location from Gastonia wedding venues, but make sure the space is adequate to accommodate your guests comfortably.

Research Dates and Weather

If you have not yet decided on the exact date of your wedding, you should avoid the crowded periods when there are events like charity walks, industry conferences, or trade fairs.  During these events, there might be traffic congestions and availability of hotel rooms will be limited. Additionally, you also need to study the weather patterns of your area, as you would want to avoid extreme weather conditions. If you are holding the ceremony or reception outdoors, you need to consider the possibility of flies, gnats, and other insects that may come in swarms in certain seasons. If you are particular about a sunset or sunrise ceremony, make sure you check out the exact timings.  

Sign Up for New Credit Card

Even if you have adequate finances to meet the cost of the wedding, it is always better to sign up for a new credit card that is offering rewards in the form of shopping deals, air mileage, or discounts on hotel bookings.


You need some organizing skills to stay on top of things. First, create a unique email id that you will be dedicating only to wedding correspondence. Next, store all vendor numbers on your cell phone, as you will be talking with them quite frequently. Compiling vendor correspondences will reduce your stress levels to a decent extent, especially when you are able to access important letters correctly. Lastly, make sure you keep notes of everything, rather than relying on your memory.

That could prove problematic and error prone. READMORE

Issues Most Brides have While Making Wedding Plans

Planning a wedding can be a lot of fun, but there are certain fights and irritations most brides have to face during the planning phase. Once you have chosen and booked your dream location from wedding venues Gaston County NC, you are relatively more relaxed to focus on other aspects of your wedding. However, there can be instances where you can get frustrated and angry, and you need to deal with such issues in a calm manner.

Unhelpful Groom

Choosing flowers and arranging for invitations may not be a man’s job, but your groom has to help in the wedding plans. The best way to motivate your future husband to become involved is to find out what part of the wedding plans, he would like to manage. If he does not know what aspects are involved in the plan, make a list and ask him to choose the items that he would really like to do.

Slacking Bridesmaid

After you have selected the dresses for your bridesmaid, it can be quite frustrating if one of them has not sent her measurements, and that is holding up the whole order. Before you lose your temper and fire her from the task, find out the reason for the delay. When you call or write express concern about her well-being and remind her to send the measurements right away. If during the conversation you feel she is likely to quit, you could frankly ask her, since she may not know how to start such a topic with you.

Overbearing Parents

When parents contribute towards the wedding expenses, they invariably like to take over the whole event and forget the day is actually all about you. If you feel this is going to happen, have a frank talk with your parents and include them in the planning process, so they do not feel left out. However, you could make a list of your preferred vendors and ask your parents to choose from the list.

Clash of Tastes

People have different tastes, and it will be quite difficult to satisfy everybody. While planning your wedding you mainly have to focus on your tastes and of your groom. You might have to consider the tastes of your parents, when they are contributing a huge portion of the wedding expenses. However, you need not simply give in fully, and you could try to include what you want as well. For instance, if your parents want invitations in a traditional style, you could make it a mix of traditional and contemporary details. READMORE

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