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Welcome to the Gastonia Conference Center

Gastonia Conference Center is a symbol; a sign of the people of Gastonia, North Carolina on the move toward civic, economic, and environmental sustainability. Designed to pay homage to the surrounding architecture and heritage of the area, Gastonia Conference Center is the premier destination for local, regional, and state-wide conferences and events, from metro-Charlotte based corporate meetings, to state-wide conventions, to local and community events, to memorable weddings.

This cutting-edge, 30,000-square-foot technologically advanced and sustainably built conference center is designed to generate business and support the local Gastonia community. The Conference Center accommodates over 450 meeting attendees and 300 for a seated banquet function and features ten separate, purpose-built and distraction-free meeting rooms, event spaces and 5,100 square-foot ballroom. It has already gained recognition as the greater Charlotte region's foremost destination for events of all kinds.

Latest Blogs

Making a Strategic Plan for Your Wedding

Most people will laugh at the idea of strategic planning for a wedding. However, strategy is one of the most important elements of planning that is often disregarded. When you are bombarded by ideas of wedding planners and vendors, and by your own preferences, making a choice is often highly complicated and frustrating. Once you have laid down certain strategic rules and objectives, your planning will become very easy.


The objective will provide the answer for what your wedding should be. What is it that you are actually going to plan for your wedding? You might want to do certain things on your own, while certain decisions you might want to leave in the capable hands of pros. Hence, decide on what you will be organizing and what you want to delegate to others. You might want to choose Gastonia Conference Center, but you might want to leave the choice of dishes with the caterer.

Visualize the Ideal Wedding You would Want

You should have a vision in your head of the perfect wedding you would like to have. You will be striving to achieve this vision, and this will give you the needed encouragement to go the distance. It is possible that certain factors might prevent you from achieving this perfect vision, but it will keep you directed towards your goal.

Shared Values

Before planning, sit with your future spouse and discuss the values you share. Hopefully, you will have some shared values that you would like expressed in your wedding. It is also important to know what values you two do not share, since these can create a lot of conflict while planning. Keep the planning based on shared values, so that differences can be easily resolved.

Being Practical

Weddings are taken very seriously by most brides and they can be devastated if the plans do not work out, as they want them to unfold. Therefore, you could envision the grandest wedding, but you also need to be practical, and think about your finances and available resources. You do not want to start the first day of your wedded life under a huge debt.

Legal Things

The point of the whole event is to be legally wedded, so be clear about the legal requirements. Make sure you know the local laws about the wedding and the paperwork involved in legalizing your nuptials.   


Wonderful Ideas for Creating a Unique Wedding Website

After choosing a picturesque location at Gastonia Conference Center, a bride is usually interested in creating a wedding website. Most brides love this idea but are unable to create interesting websites that go beyond simply informing the basic information about the wedding. However, there are innumerable customization options available that will make your wedding website enchanting and fascinating. Here are a few ideas to that convert an ordinary wedding website into something unique and interesting.

Hold Polls

Your wedding website can in fact help you make some difficult decisions by using crowd sourcing to your advantage. Hold a poll and ask your guests their opinions. For instance, if you are unable to decide what you should serve your guest at the wedding, hold a poll that asks about the important food elements that should be included in a wedding. You will be surprised at the response you receive, since most guests are more particular about the main course rather than the wedding cake.

Introduce Guests

If your guest list includes many people who do not know each other, then you can introduce them one by one on your wedding website. You could feature a guest each day or every week, depending on the length of your guest list. You could provide brief descriptions of the guest, including how they are related to the groom or the bride. To make it more interesting, include some fun facts about them; however, it is always better to obtain their permission before you print something about them.

Post YouTube Videos

Nothing says it better than a photo or better still a video. If you posted some cute, spectacular, or captivating videos on YouTube you can provide the link on your wedding website. Friends and family members who do not live nearby will be pleased to see a video log of your activities. You could also provide a back-stage tour of wedding plans, how you are organizing your event, your shopping spree, and so on.

Choosing the Playlist

Making a playlist and choosing songs for your wedding can be time consuming and frustrating. It is not only selecting songs you like, but also what you think your guest will prefer. You can take a survey of what songs your guests would like to hear at your wedding. Using Google docs is an easy way to collect the opinion of your guests. Simply add the proper fields and you can conduct a detailed survey in no time.


How to Make Wedding Guests to RSVP

When you are trying to ascertain the number of guests who are going to attend your wedding, it can be quite frustrating when invitees do not RSVP on time. Even when couples follow the correct card etiquette for a response, more than a third often does not reply. When you have selected a grand location from Gastonia wedding venues, you need to be sure how many guests you would be entertaining. Here are certain tips that can help you obtain more responses.

Timing of Wedding Invitations is Crucial

According to usual norms, invitations should be sent two months before the wedding date. This will give your guests about five weeks to respond if you are requesting RSVP four weeks before the wedding. The timing is crucial because if you provide more time, the invitation will usually be put aside, to be dealt with later, and most probably forgotten. However, you should not shorten the time too much, since you will need time tracking the guests who have not responded and you will need to give the final order to your caterers.

You also need to give your guests proper head’s up time so they can make room in their schedule to attend. If you inform them about this wedding in the last minute, for instance, most of them will probably have already made plans themselves and will not be able to attend your wedding.

For a destination wedding, you will need to send invitations at least four to five months in advance so that guests can make their travel plans and take leave from their place of work. When you are paying the airfare for your guests, you will have to send save-the-date destination wedding invitation, by which you can gather their travel info.

Be Clear

Some guests may not be able to figure out what RSVP means. RSVP is actually a French abbreviation, which simply means please respond. Hence, instead of RSVP, you could simply write, “Please respond by ‘date’”.  But most people know what this means and if they do not there is nothing wrong with learning something new.

Prominently Display the RSVP Date

In many invitations the reply-by date is somewhere in a corner, in small print. When the date is not clearly seen, many guests feel they do not have to reply if they are not attending. Therefore, display the date prominently in the RSVP card, in the title itself.

Follow Up

It is not improper to phone guests and ask them if they have received your invitation. During the short conversation, you can include that you are hoping they will come and you are eager to receive their RSVP card. Sometimes close friends and family members feel that reply is not necessary, since they are indeed expected to attend the wedding. When you contact guest by phone they will take steps to make their plans and post the RSVP card.


How to Handle the Problem of Wedding Crashers Gracefully

You have booked the best location from wedding venues in Gaston County NC, after carefully checking your guest list. However, on the wedding day, you find more people showing up unexpectedly and you have no idea how to handle the situation. Well, here are a few pointers that can help you deal with wedding crashers in a graceful manner.

Handling Total Strangers

You might find total strangers attending your wedding, usually when the venue is a hotel or some public place, since anybody can get through the entrance. It becomes quite difficult to spot strangers when you have a huge guest list, and there are people in the list whom you have never seen before. You would not want to make someone stand at the entrance with the list, since that looks quite awkward.

The best thing to do is ask some of your close friends to keep a look out for people who do not seem to belong or are dressed wrong. If you have a doubt about someone and you do not recognize them, first check with your and your spouse’s parents. If nobody knows the person, ask your wedding planner, venue manager, or a friend to approach the strangers discreetly and see them to the door.

Handling Plus-Ones

Even when you have not included the words “and guest” on your invitation, you might still find someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend turning up at your wedding. One of the ways to avoid this is to make it clear to your friends that you have financial constraints and the space will be just right for the invited guests.

Secondly, check RSVP cards to make sure someone has not included uninvited guests. Even after all this, if plus-ones show up uninvited, you cannot show them the door. You will have to arrange to put an extra seat at a table. However, you do not have to seat the person with his date.

That is just a slight way of showing them they are not going to be awarded for their cute deviousness. 

Handling Children

When you are inviting families with their children, be ready to allot extra space for the new babies and new kids of the family. However, if you are not going to invite children to your wedding, make it clear in the invitation and your wedding website. Include the line, “Ceremony and Reception will be adults-only Events”. If children still turn up, you cannot do much, but try your best to accommodate them. However, you can ask a friend or the wedding coordinator to tell the family not to leave their kid unattended, and they should take the kid outside if the child begins to fuss.


Saving Funds without Looking Cheap at Your Wedding

Having a meaningful and beautiful wedding does not necessarily have to be costly. However, many couples go overboard trying to save and end up looking cheap. This need not be the case, as you can have a memorable wedding without looking cheap in the eyes of your guests. Here are some tested tips that can help you hold a spectacular wedding without breaking the bank.

The Guest List

There is not any easier way to save than decreasing the number of guests. Even though you celebrate your wedding by inviting guests, it is still an intimate event. Hence, you need to consider whether you really want to have such a huge guest list. Slash your guest list by not inviting:

$1§  Business associates and friends whom you socialize only on online networks

$1§  People who are very distantly related and whom you have not been in contact with for a long time

$1§  Acquaintances at the workplace whom you are not close with


When you are on a tight budget, it is better to keep your guest list to very close friends and family members. This way you can provide quality food and entertainment to a few people rather than having cheap stuff for a huge crowd.

Reception Venue

Hiring a great venue like Gastonia Conference Center is worth the cost, but you can cut down this expense by making a few adjustments. Select Sunday or Friday as your wedding day, and hold a brunch or lunch party instead of hosting a dinner. Consider having a buffet with in-season dishes, since that will cut the cost of having to need waiters, waitresses, and expensive meats.

Forget about a Live Band

A live band with a DJ can work out quite costly, and cheaper alternative would be hooking up the music system with planned playlists for different parts of the wedding such as ceremony, dances, cocktail hour, and dinner and so on. Once you have playlists you do not need a DJ, and you can simply ask one of the guests of your party to make special announcements.

Hire a Knowledgeable Photographer

Do not skimp on hiring the best photographer, since you will regret the decision of hiring a cheap photographer when you look at your wedding photos later. Remember, your wedding is the most important day of your life and you would like it recorded properly. Look at the cost of a professional photographer as an investment, and you could save money by not having to hire a videographer.

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